The Nova Vita special hospital for internal medicine in Belgrade is a modern, high quality and reliable partner to the classic medicine in the treatment of the most severe diseases, as well as in health promotion in general. The basic treatment method of the hospital, using natural preparations, with completely (scientifically and experimentally) tested imuno stimulating and antitumor effects (independently or in combination with classical medicine treatment methods), lead to exceptional results in the cure of malign diseasesautoimmune diseases and liver diseases.                

Nova Vita is a first private hospital in Serbia, and, at the moment, the biggest private hospital in the region. The hospital  includes complete accommodation premises, along with accompanying infrastructure and specialized medical services. Its space is 3200 m2 and it is divided into seven functional  units.

Hospital Ward consists of Oncology and Hematology Department and Internal Medicine Department (pulmonology, cardiology, gastroenterology). All the necessary medical diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided with the permanent medical supervision and particular comfort for patients. There are 35 air conditioned  rooms  with 78 beds. Our patients have single bad and double bed rooms as well as apartments at their disposal. . All the rooms are equipped according to the highest hospital standards, including multifunctional beds with anti decubitus mattresses, cable TV, wireless internet …

Polyclinic Service provides infirmary checkups, laboratory analysis, complete diagnostics, infirmary therapy for internal diseases and consulting for healthy life.


Outpatient Hospital for chemotherapy treatment and oncology patients consulting.

Nutrition   The entire foodstuff used for the diet in the hospital is of natural origin (organic) without GMO ingredients, and the complete hospital menu is in accordance with the daily nutritive and caloric needs of the patients. Special attention is paid to the needs of patients from various religions and alternative diets

The Nova Vita Expert Team at the hospital is completely  adjusted to the hospital activities. There are over 50 employees (doctors, medical staff and administration personnel) who have updated their skill through  regular specializations in accordance with the hospital aims and patients needs.

The Nova Vita Medical Team consists of doctors and collaborators specialized in various fields of internal medicine, immunology, radiology, neurology and neuropsychiatry…, as well as specially trained medical staff such as nurses and technicians.


Working hours of the hospital are 00:00 – 24:00 

Basic hospital services:

  • accommodation and care of elderly, semi mobile and immobile patients
  • inpatient and outpatient cure of oncology and internal medicine patients
  • immunotherapy expert consultations
  • outpatient therapy
  • malign and chronic internal diseases prevention program
  • patient transport organization
  • additional  specialist and subspecialist medical examination, if necessary
  • palliative care of patients