About us

A new life, second chance

From the very beginning, my professional life as well as that of my coworkers was clearly connected in a symbolic point named NOVA VITA. We’ve made it.  For the last 10 years the NOVA VITA hospital has been sending its, previously severely ill patients, to a new life, into a stabilized health.

During our long work we have heard, accepted and systemized  many attitudes, opinions and experiences  from lot of doctors all around the world and as well as numerous individuals from ordinary people… Nobody has ever succeeded alone, it’s a rule valid through centuries. So the only way for us to succeed was to draw our treatment results from skillfully mixed facts taken from nature, science and partial positive experiences, well-intentioned comments… We keep going further with an open invitation for cooperation, particularly to doctors.

I remember the very beginning as the time of a great enthusiasm, hard work and self denials.  We did not give up, and we still do not. Our results are fantastic, thousands of satisfied patients living a healthy and happy life. Having trust in our work, thousands of people are spreading the idea of the simple name NOVA VITA…

Nova vita, a new life, a second chance, is the ideal of those who, due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, have lost one of the greatest treasures, the health. Various individual experiences, and the information exchange  with many people suffering from serious and the most severe diseases, have contributed to the initiation of the project, which has already been settling down in each and every of us, developing independently, representing a desire for health and happiness it brings.

We were young, daring and able to tackle numerous troubles and serious obstacles on our way. Our only option was, and still is, our goal, our vision, persistent systematic work, and trust in people who have confidence in us.  This trust gave us strength to endure, while the results we have achieved oblige us to continue.

Everything had been preceded by a comprehensive scientific research. The starting point was the idea that a man, as a unique entity, under certain circumstances, is able to bring his whole organism in a state of disease, through auto destruction. At that, I do not mean catching cold, but cancer, and all other sever diagnoses. The essence of this notion is still considered to be the essence of all the results we have achieved, which multiply with geometric progression.

We have been searching the solution for a long time, without giving up the initial standpoint.

We were very thorough in our research. Thousands of various formula, hundreds of hours of team work in laboratories have put together the mosaic.   We kept in mind the fact that even the smallest health problem is caused by the crumple of the immune system. Our knowledge, trust, aim, vision and daring, many people would say craziness, led us on our way to find the answers to the most difficult questions – How to fight cancer, autoimmune diseases, Parkinson illness? How to restore liver cells?

During this period, we have developed 37 different natural p[reparations, which are mutually combined during the Nova Vita therapy, intensifying  thus, the therapy effect and  achieving a synergism with all forms of previous or accompanying classic therapy without any counter indications whatsoever. This is the essence of the fantastic results we have achieved in the treatment of the most severe diseases.

The compact and expert NOVA VITA team set off a trend we call INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE – an efficient symbiosis of the conventional medicine and pharmacology, a holistic approach as a combination of classical and natural, a synergism of classical and folk medicine like NOVA VITA, like new life, as a second chance and a permanent way out from a severe disease – as health.

The Nova Vita expert team consists of the doctors from our hospital, experts from “Biopharm” group, doctors, experts and scientific collaborators from the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Kragujevac ad the Vinca Institute for Nuclear Sciences of the BelgradeUniversity, as well as numerous other external collaborators.

The cooperation, and experience and information exchange with big research centers and eminent experts worldwide, gave the right direction to our researches. Immunotherapeutic and pharmacologic formulae formed after a long-term work, were accepted by the large pharmaceutical concern”Biopharm”. We have got a reliable partner in their synthesizing (their synthesizing department becomes our reliable partner). Clinical researches done at the University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Medical Sciences and at Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinca” University of Belgrade made official our results, which enables our numerous “written-off” patients a new life and a second chance.

We are proud not only of the results we have achieved but also of those to come.

Without a big promotion and expensive advertising campaigns, having trust in ourselves and in people who trusted us… Yes, I know, I have already mentioned this, but, truth sometimes should be repeated…

The fact that the list of the answers we know is longer day by day is a reliable and right road sign for our further work on the development, promotion and specialization of the integrative medicine achievements.  The NOVA VITA team is doing its best to establish itself strongly, safely and recognizably as a successful initiator of this medical discipline.

Milomir Kandić

diplomirani lekar prirodne medicine

Univ.Chevchenko, Kiev…